Beehive Honeycomb Knit Boot Cuff Pattern

Beehive Boot Cuff Pattern

  • Bulky yarn about 100 yards and up depending on size

  • 4 Double pointed US size 10 1/2 needles

  • scissors

  • tapestry needles

CO 38 (44, 50, 56, 62…etc depending on desired size) divide evenly and join in round

Round 1-4: *(K1, P1) Repeat

Round 5: K all, add 4 stitches evenly throughout by kfb

Round 6: P all

Round 7-12: *(K4, slip 2) Repeat

Round 13: K all

Round 14: P all

Round 15-20: K1 *(slip 2, K4) Repeat. End round 20 with K3.

Round 21: K all

Round 22: P all

Repeat from Rounds 7-22 till desired length. End on either round 12 or 20.

Round 23: K all

Round 24: P all

Round 25: K all, decrease 4 stitches evenly through by k2tog

Round 26-28: *(K1, P1) Repeat

BO in *(K1, P1) fashion

Weave in ends and enjoy! 🙂

Notes: Following these instructions 38 stitches fits up to 13 inches around.


5 thoughts on “Beehive Honeycomb Knit Boot Cuff Pattern

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  2. can this pattern be made on circular needles and regular 4 ply yarn? I would be making it for my granddaughter (10 inch calf). How do I begin (I’m a beginner)?



    • For circular needles you’d either need two, the magic loop method, or needles that are less than 10 inches around. The size yarn you use will influence what size needles you use, the gauge, and how many stitches you cast on to begin.


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