Stitch Fix Again

Take two of enjoying my Stitch Fix box! I decided to do the automatic box every month so my next goodie will be in August. That is unless I’m tempted to get another earlier. So for this box I asked for some nice low key dresses for a relaxed wedding coming up. They delivered on my dress request and beyond. I honestly had a difficult time deciding on what to keep and what to send back. Everything ends up fitting me surprisingly well, which makes the decision extra difficult. In the end it came down to what was most my style and if I already had something similar to it. If you want to give Stitch Fix a try feel free to use my referral link.

 The first item I tried on was the Malia Chevron Border Tunic from 19 Cooper. I also decided to pair it with the Porter Basic Leggings from Rune. Both items felt like they fit well and the leggings were so wonderfully comfortable. I however decided not to get either of them due to not being a big tunic fan. Plus I tend to only wear leggings in the house so it would seem a bit silly to get something that I’d only wear inside.

 The first of the dresses I tried on was the real star of the box. It was a lovely seafoam mint Callafia Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress from 41Hawthorn. Actually kept a shirt from them in my last box. Having a wrap dress was new to me so that was an interesting plus. It was also perfect for the low key wedding. The dress fit so well in just the right ways and would be great dressed down or up. This ended up being the keeper for this box.

 The second dress was this fun Francis Striped Fit&Flare Dress from Pomelo. The dress had some great shaping to it, but I already had a dress very similar to it already in my closet. I really liked the stripes on the bottom of the dress even if it put more emphasis on my hips, which can speak loud and clear by themselves. The top portion of the dress was lovely, but thanks to my wide shoulders it created a weird gap between my chest and arms.

The last item was a nice Henry Birds On Branch Infinity Scarf from Octavia. The scarf was nice and big, which I like in scarfs. I however can be rather particular when it comes to accessories. Nor is the weather accepting of scarfs at the moment.



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