How To Dye Ombre Gradient Yarn


Lately I’ve been seeing beautiful ombre yarn and decided to give it a shot. Personally I aim to find the easiest and most effective way when trying out a new technique. In the end I took bits from other techniques and adapted them till I liked the result.

You’ll need: yarn of choice, acid dyes, vinegar or some acid, gloves, and something to cook the dye in (I use an old crock pot)P1140084

First step: wind the yarn into a loose ball. It should be easily squished ball of yarn.

Second step: add your dye and water into the pot of your choice. Remember it has to be a strictly dye only pot. Make sure you add enough water so that the ball of yarn can be completely covered.

Third step: place the dry loose ball of yarn into the dye water with gloved hands. Continue to squeeze the yarn to absorb dye water until no bubbles emerge from the yarn. Put on the heat and let the yarn cook for a bit.

Forth step: when most of the dye has been absorbed turn off the heat and add your vinegar or acid. If it’s not to hot give the yarn some squeezes to absorb the vinegar. Otherwise let it cool for a bit. IMG_20141103_210515

Fifth step: once the yarn has cooled and the dye has been absorbed then you can rise and squeeze the water out of your yarn. Then you can turn it into a skein on a niddy noddy. It can be a bit tricky when it’s wet so I tend to let it dry a few days in the ball form.

Now you have your own ombre gradient yarn!


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